Remote Desktop for Mac

I’ve been experiencing little freezes and problems with rdp on the mac. The problem appears to be the crap microsoft client. Open Source to the rescue. A good summary blog post can be found with links to CoRD which I haven’t tried, but looks like the future, and TSClientX which looks great. Also for awesome is Seamless RDP for sharing an app to a client without a root view.

I also should try the MochaSoft RDP Client for PPC. Only $20, for scaling and shit.

Small Business Server Implementation Links

I’ve been building our Small Business Server. I’ve collected some links for useful documentation. Microsoft’s Docs on Terminal Server Printing, Setting up Terminal Server for no-approval Shadowing, Terminal Server Encryption, Shadowing the Console on a Terminal Server, Andy at DownHome Computers wrote up docs on his configs. Installing CRM on SBS 3.0. This Brian Madden Site has lots of other good writups on TS: Ultimate Guide to Terminal Server Printing. SeanDaniel Blog on SBS. Microsoft Partner Readiness Training. Another SBS Blog. Sonoma Associates Small Business Deployment Notes. Microsoft CRM Mobile 3.0. Open Source CRM Mobile Express. Another SBS Blog. Another CRM Blog, and of course, THE CRM Blog. How to convert an email to a lead or case. ICR CRM Blog.