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News from lake MLP

I’m continuing my progress into the wonderful world of Ruby. It’s such a mind-bender. It’s like a meta-language. Programming it is like writing a language for your program to be written in. The simple stuff is fast and easy. The complex stuff is mind-bending. There’s a page on Ruby Central with some good stuff on creating your own container classes. Good stuff for UI controllers. Another book I need to mark is Hashes are Cool: a note on how to use hashes and their role in ruby method overloading.

I’m still working on the idea of inversion of control/dependency injection/testability for my CSLA classes. After some thread searching, I figured out I need to watch DNR TV Episode 60 with Rocky! It looks like he covers exactly this kind of stuff in there! For the archives here’s some discussion on returning a ‘no results’ object from a CSLA query. I may also find a use for LINQPad sometime soon. Steve Eichert has some thoughts on automatic setup for DAL unit tests.

Yesterday’s big task was building some firewalls for a VOIP VPN. I discovered that I was going to have too many troubles getting IPSEC working, so I bit the dog and learned how to get OpenVPN going on PFSense. It wasn’t so bad, except for getting the routes to show up on each device as they should.

I must remember to tell my old man how to decline doing tech support. His mother is killing him with stupid mac problems.

I just bought CodeRush! Developer Express has the stupidest credit card validation ever, but I think I’m going to be happy with my shortcutty goodness. I must spend some time learning it better.